Britain's Oldest Lottery Winners-Dennis and Shirley ­Banfield

Dennis, 87, and Shirley Banfield, 83 are known as the oldest lottery winners in the UK. They have scooped up a record £18m jackpot after trying for more than 30 years. The couple had been working their luck since 1994 and were habituated to playing three times a week. At a given point of time, his wife had discouraged him from buying any more lotto tickets, Mr Banfield was determined and continued to play. Finally after playing for 30 years came the moment when they were able to match the six numbers on Lucky Dip. In an interview, Mr Banfield and his wife have stressed the fact that the agenda of playing lotto was to secure the future of their two children. The family celebrated the big win with a meal at a carvery.

As for the personal life is concerned Mr Banfield had served the British Army in Holland, Germany, and Italy and later also flew the RAF in Egypt. During a Christmas, he was hospitalised for a few days due to a leg infection. His love for lotto did not end there, and he would ask his wife to get the tickets for him. This was his passion for Lotto. Even after the huge win Dennis and Shirley are still the same. They intend to stay in the same family home that was bought for £2,000. The winnings from the lottery have been shared with his two daughters Tina and Karen with each of them receiving over £6 million each. The remaining one third they have kept it for themselves. Apart from their spendings they also have donated some amounts to cancer units and a children’s hospital. Despite winning such a huge amount, they have not lost ground with reality. Mr Banfield says “I wouldn’t say the money has changed us, it only prompted us to better other people."